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About Pop it Up

PopItUp, full service in pop-up shops.

Pop-up stores are nice, trendy, temporary shops. They can fulfill many objectives such as product launches, testing new markets, webshops going offline for some time. Furthermore, they increase the buzz around your brand. Pop-up shops are a powerful tool to add to your marketing strategy. You will notice it is most worth trying.

PopItUp, a Belgian company, helps brands to set up pop-up stores from scratch. We advise on how to set up your flash store as a retailers or brand.


Els Demey

Founder and flash retail consultant

Els Demey is passionate about retail.  In a fast evolving environment, she advises brands to pop-up in a way that shoppers like it.  

Jody Duyck

Founder and flash retail consultant

Jody Duyck is a specialist in shopper marketing and marketing strategy.   He advises not mincing matters. 

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